Protecting/Regenerating – very dry, damaged, or tired skin

Skin that is depleted, either from the inside or by exposure to outside stressors, needs first to seal in the reserves it has, and second to regenerate what has been lost. Qi (vitality, brightness), moisture (tone, suppleness), yin (plump, glowing substance) – when the skin is deficient the treatment principle is to supplement. When it has been damaged, the principle is to regenerate. Formulations in this category are designed to do just that.

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Tai-C™ Concentrate 30% Vitamin C Pure Oil Infusion

Harmonizing active Vitamin C is supremely regarded for its skin-brightening, repairing and firming effects, as well as for its anti-oxidant activity. This serum delivers a full 30% of proven most stable and bio-available form of C; formulated in a base conceived to maximally protect potency without causing irritation despite its super-concentration. Recommended nightly as part of an intensive routine; and/or during the day for skin maintenance/protection.

Triple Rose Cream ™ Infusion Seal ®

Called Infusion Seal for its occlusive ability to seal in nutrient-rich hydrating water-based formulas - this ultra-rich, butter-like face cream is for those who love their skin with an unabashed glow. A very emollient, supernourishing face moisturizer with organic oil of rosa damascena, rosehip seed and evening primrose oils; it is ideal as a night cream for normal to very dry skin types in need of deep supplementation. For use during the day to nourish and protect; this can also be employed as an eye cream. Not recommended for oilier skin types

Red Fruit And Ginger Ultimate Eye Serum

An exquisite light-weight but extremely antioxidant-rich formula for the most delicate, damageprone area on the face. This botanical complex is made up of plants which are among the most universally revered for their nourishing, protective properties; and understood in TCM to have an affinity for the eye area as well. Goji berry is an ‘herb’ that is also a food, and is classified as a yin tonic with a special affinity for the eyes. Research shows its protective anti-oxidant benefits exist with topical application as well, and studies have demonstrated its extraordinary ability to stimulate natural collagen production.