Qi: (life principle, energetic element, molecular vibration)

Formulary (-ie): ( a list of formulas or substances for use in therapeutic practice)

At Qi Formularie we confess to a particular passion for exceptional skin care.What we offer is much more than the assurance of exquisite skin. We offer you a deeper understanding of a pure and rich natural medical history: the 5000 year history that is Oriental Medicine.


…And What’s it doing in my skin care?


About TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is the style of Chinese Medicine most used in – and most resonant with – the West.  It is based on China’s 3000 year old Classical medical tradition, and more recently informed by modern science.  Acupuncture is one modality familiar to most people, but the backbone of TCM is its unique therapeutic herbal system.  LEARN MORE


What makes TCM herbal practice different?

The formulas of TCM are individualized, and rely upon balance of energetics, not just addition of herbs with desired effects.

This ancient science seems mysterious precisely because it is so complex. TCM practice almost never dictates use of a single plant for its action alone.  Rather, complementary herbs are combined with exquisite care and sophistication, to offset and balance one another, maximizing intended benefits while neutralizing any unwanted effects.

Every herb in a given combination has been carefully chosen, and has an essential reason for being there.  Every one has its part in the unified whole.

The resulting formula is a sum far greater than its parts, and designed to exactingly target a specific condition, or disharmony.  The essence of TCM herbal science is dynamic, balancing, synergistic.


Why use it for skin care?

Because the skin is an organ too; and well-recognized as such in TCM.  The therapeutic principles that apply to the body in general apply to skin no less.  Founder Kirsten’s dual passion for skincare and TCM, along with her Western healthcare background, made this fusion a natural!

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Using years of study, we have incorporated the complex system of TCM herbal formulation to create true-to-principle formulas with exacting effects.

The Beauty Of Real

Why Traditional Chinese Medicine for skincare?

Skin. It is our interface with the world.  In TCM medical theory, it is an Organ of Discernment – responsible for sorting what is kept in the body, and what is kept out. And while a flawless complexion has long been regarded as both a sign of inner health and outer beauty, there is no question the two go hand in hand.

More and more modern science understands the complexity of good health and longevity.  We understand better all the time what the ancient science of  Chinese Medicine has taken for granted all along: that true beauty is unlocked from within and reflected on the surface.

Authentic TCM-based


More than inspired by this ancient science, the products of Qi Formularie are based entirely on the faithful use of its principles and utterly informed by its spirit.
Graduate-level study, meticulous training, and passionate practice have gone into creating these uniquely TCM-based original skin care formulations of exceptional effectiveness.

The finest ingredients, carefully sourced, curated, combined for maximum effectiveness through the symbiosis of ancient and modern science.

At Qi Formulary we are here to help you discover your true radiance and set your Qi free. We invite you to delve into our world of wellness, simplicity, integrity, balance and most of all: Real beauty.



Best cardamom, Clove, Piper nigrum, Black Pepper, Mace, Cinnamon, Chinese star anise, Coriander seed, Ginger, Various Herbs for Health Care.

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