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To the degree possible, all our formulations are constructed to maximize benefits to the skin’s infrastructure, maintain yin-yang (acid-base, moisture-movement) balance. Universal formulas do all this and more. They can be used alone as the basis for a daily skin care routine, and layered with other products as the need arises. The skin is dynamic, alive, always changing. We take this into account.

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Primary Elixir™ Green Tea Light Moisture Serum

This unique very light-textured water-based serum is made to be used day and night; alone for oilier skin that requires lighter moisture, or as the basis for layering a more substantial moisturizer or nighttime treatments when skin requires additional supplementation. Formulated on TCM principles to support maximal balance, clarity, regulation and protection, Primary Elixir is recommend as an absolute basic, for use as the first-line application to bare skin after cleansing and then layered as appropriate with other products according to need. To the very best of our ability we have created here the ideal symbiosis of yin and yang.

Orange Flower Cream

A silky, medium-bodied face cream for day use, Orange Flower Cream is made from highes tquality known skin nourishers almond and rosehip seed oil; infused with precious neroli – the bitter orange blossom – long regarded for its value in the realm of beauty. Neroli, also called dai dai hua, is known for soothing and regenerating the skin structure as well as for it’s hypnotic scent. This cream goes on ultra-smooth and absorbs quickly, despite its substantial texture. Suitable for most skin types.

Tai-C™ Concentrate 30% Vitamin C Pure Oil Infusion

Harmonizing active Vitamin C is supremely regarded for its skin-brightening, repairing and firming effects, as well as for its anti-oxidant activity. This serum delivers a full 30% of proven most stable and bio-available form of C; formulated in a base conceived to maximally protect potency without causing irritation despite its super-concentration. Recommended nightly as part of an intensive routine; and/or during the day for skin maintenance/protection.

Chinese Herbal Exfoliating Grains

A pleasant, invigorating scrub to remove dull surface skin cells, made of precious traditional therapeutics powdered into very fine grains. It is recommended to mix these grains with Universal cleanser once or twice a week as a routine, to keep skin glowing and pre-empt the clogging of pores by removing dull surface skin cells. Not for use on skin that is actively inflamed or broken.

Cucumber Rose Balancing Infusion Cooling Face Mist And Toner

Ideally balanced and mild, this hydrating and refreshing spray from the Universal line is perfectly suited to all skin types. The cooling Yin of cucumber is complemented with the more Yang activity of qi regulation imparted by rose blossom. Rice and oats provide underlying supplementation and moisture to keep skin perfectly hydrated. For use any time throughout the day to moisten and refresh the face, neck and body.

Cucumber Rose Infusion Toner

Ideally balanced and mild, this hydrating and calming toner from our Universal line is perfectly suited to all skin types. The cooling Yin of cucumber/huang gua is complemented by the more Yang activity of qi regulation by rose/mei gui hua. Rice and oats provide underlying supplementation and moisture to keep skin perfectly hydrated. Use after cleansing to delivery an extra layer of purifying hydration before applying any other products.

Ultimate Balanced Cleanser For Face And Neck

A super-mild but very effective creamy cleanser, pH balanced to an optimal 5.5; rinses perfectly clean while the gentle creaminess leaves skin healthy, soft and supple. Contains no alcohol, so recommended even for sensitive skin. For a once-or twice weekly skin-freshening exfoliating system, combine with a grape-sized amount of Chinese Herbal Exfoliating Grains into a fresh paste-like scrub and use for evening skin cleanse.

Red Fruit And Ginger Ultimate Eye Serum

An exquisite light-weight but extremely antioxidant-rich formula for the most delicate, damageprone area on the face. This botanical complex is made up of plants which are among the most universally revered for their nourishing, protective properties; and understood in TCM to have an affinity for the eye area as well. Goji berry is an ‘herb’ that is also a food, and is classified as a yin tonic with a special affinity for the eyes. Research shows its protective anti-oxidant benefits exist with topical application as well, and studies have demonstrated its extraordinary ability to stimulate natural collagen production.

Universal Light Infusion™ Brightening Serum

Remarkably light given its plant-infused power, Universal Light Infusion is made to balance the yin and yang of the skin by targeting areas of unevenness, visually smoothing the complexion and increasing luminescence from within. It does this by infusing a sophisticated complex of photo-therapeutics proven to support brightness, clarity and resilience; and then protecting and enhancing their effect with substances that facilitate seamless penetration and seal absorption in order to maximize deepest skin benefits. For use at night, under Infusion Seal Triple Rose Cream or other occlusive; effect is augmented by layering with Tai-C serum.

Full Radiance Gold And White Ultimate Nourishing & Exfoliating Mask

This high-treatment, multi-action mask is presented in powder form, activated when mixed with water; a method of formulation which maximally preserves the multitude of nutrients until just ready to be used. Rich in vitamins A and E, the golden-orange pumpkin squash is valued in TCM for its excellent detoxification effects as well as its actions of regulating and tonifying. It is combined here with gentle exfoliation, skin calming and astringent therapeutics to create a balanced ‘all-in-one’ facial. Use weekly or bi-weekly; or just before a special event for the freshest, deepest glow.

Hand & Body Lotion With Cocoa Butter Amber And Honey

This extremely rich lotion for hand and body is classified as ‘super nourishing’ with good reason. Formulated to be the thickest, richest most protective cream possible to keep even the driest skin supple and perfectly hydrated all year long. Ideal for daily use on overworked and frequently washed hands; as well as after bathing for very dry skin.